Without the ample growth of technology in the past two decades, most businesses would not have taken off the way they did, especially online businesses like e-commerce stores. We would still rely on outdated mediums of advertisement like newspapers, radio, television, etc.

Such mediums produce results, but they’re nearly not worth the amount of work that goes into it. If we didn’t have the Internet, we would still be heavily dependent on word of mouth to advertise businesses. But with the Internet at large, the scope of online marketing has reached a significant level.

Nowadays, with the application of digital strategies, you can build your business online in a cost-effective way that’s not too labour intensive. You no longer have to place physical ads in newspapers, radios, etc. All you need to do is partner up with Congruent Marketing.

Why? Because we are your one-stop destination for all you need to promote your business online. We use the most widely growing marketing tool available at our disposal – search engine optimisation (SEO). If you’re not convinced yet, you can find out more about how SEO works by reading further.

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How will SEO help my Window Company business?

Search engine optimisation is used by websites and blogs to gain more traffic to their website. SEO tactics allow websites to rank high on search engine results pages (SERP). The most important thing to consider while optimising your website is the content you publish on it.

SEO for Window Fitters will focus on two major factors – on-site content and off-site content. On-site SEO content refers to the content on your website, which helps Google and other search engines find you. Website content is built through quality content with special keywords that should blend effortlessly into your content.

As far as creating content goes, you must know that engaging content and thorough keyword research go hand-in-hand. This can be time-consuming, and it’s understandable if you don’t want to do it on your own.

Moreover, who has the time when you have a successful business to run? Thankfully, Congruent Marketing has expert SEO consultants who are trained to do just that.

Off-site SEO content refers to the credibility of your brand. Search engines have to trust your business website to boost your search engine rankings. Online businesses gain this trust by generating backlinks from relevant and big websites with authoritative domains.

This adds a hint of authenticity to your business, which makes search engines trust your brand. That’s why third-party validation from big businesses can work as an advantage for a relatively new business.

Improving your website

The final step of our window fitter SEO is to cater to the site structure and coding. The technical aspects of building a website like the structure and the code used are extremely important and can’t be looked over. If your website is not structured properly, then it will be difficult for search engines to find it.

Improving the site structure allows search engines to easily scan, crawl, and index your site. This is crucial because if your site isn’t indexed, it won’t show up on search engine results at all.

Another technical factor for your website is the coding. We make sure that the coding makes your website fast, protected, and user-friendly. This is important because if people can’t navigate through your website, it puts your reputation in jeopardy. Moreover, if it’s not well-secured and difficult to use, people will simply close it, and that’s bad for business.

How HVAC SEO Benefits Your Business

With our Window Fitter SEO, we will help your business:

Client Testimonials

“I never imagined my local business appearing on page one of Google’s search results. The guys at Congruent Marketing really know their stuff on local SEO”

David N.

“When Congruent Marketing did our local SEO, they did what needed to be done and delivered the results I wanted to see. Today, I have more local customers visiting my restaurant. You guys are amazing!”

Robin A.

Brighten up your Sales Pipeline

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