Every company that wants to succeed in today’s business world needs a website. This highly valuable marketing asset acts as your virtual sales representative. Your site is also the first interaction that prospective customers make with your company.

If your business doesn’t have a high quality mobile friendly website that doesn’t wow visitors, you’re letting your competitors win. If you want to compete with online businesses offering products or services similar to yours, you need the help of a website design company with search engine optimisation expertise.

With Congruent Marketing, you’ll get a custom bespoke website that dazzles visitors and turns them into loyal customers and brand ambassadors.

A Look at Our Web Design Services

Our web design agency offers the following web design solutions for our clients:

  • WordPress Web Design – We make your responsive design website using WordPress, a popular, flexible, simple-to-use and search engine-friendly development platform. WordPress has a user-friendly content management system that lets you make quick changes on your site.
  • Shopify Website Design – Our website developers and designers build custom Shopify sites that fit your needs and convert e-commerce visitors into buyers. Shopify is ideal for business owners who want an all-inclusive online selling platform.
  • Wix Web Design – We create websites using Wix, a top-notch website building platform. Our team is highly knowledgeable and skilled in building and redesigning the platform’s websites.
  • Hand-Coded Web Design – We develop custom, hand-coded websites while following the top principles of effective website design. Whether the visitor is checking your business on a mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer, we make sure that the site delivers stellar user experience and meets your marketing objectives.

Why Choose Us to Design Your Website

We’re not just another web design and development company. We’re a full-service digital marketing agency that cares about your success and delivers the results you want. When we build your website (or overhaul your existing site), we tailor it according to your resources and capacity.

We’re also a values-first agency. This means that we’re happy to work with purpose-driven businesses that want to make lives better. If your values match ours, we’ll take you on as our client. We’ll also offer marketing coaching to empower your business and help you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Advantages of a Professionally Designed Website

Here are a few benefits of having your site designed and built by a professional web design and development agency:

Client Testimonials

“I’m blown away by the website designed by Congruent Marketing’s web design team. My site is clean, attractive and mobile-friendly. When I’m exploring the site, I feel compelled to buy one of my products. That’s how good the site is.”

Patrick S.

“The new website looks awesome. I highly recommend this agency to people who want a responsive and jaw-dropping website for their business. Five stars!”

Andrea B.

With our web design expertise, your business will enjoy a stunning website that attracts potential customers, creates a positive first impression and grows your bottom line. Arrange a free consultation with us today by dialling +44 208 058 3398 or sending an email to info@congruentmarketing.co.uk.

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