Social media has become a part of daily life for billions of people around the world. Facebook, for instance, has approximately 2.6 billion monthly active users.

With so many people using social networking platforms, companies use this digital marketing opportunity to market their business on social media. If your business is not posting content on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, or sharing pictures of your products on Instagram, you are letting your competitor outrank you.

Do not worry, though. With Congruent Marketing, you can harness the power of social media to increase your reach, grow your followers and drive customers to your business.

A Glimpse of Our Social Media Management Services

Below are some of the social media services we offer:

  • Paid Social Ads – We create a social media strategy to advertise your product, service or business to your specific audience. With our ads, we target the searcher and not the search term.
  • Social Media Retargeting – We create and publish social media retargeting ads that reconnect your brand to users who have visited one of your social channels. Our team uses effective retargeting strategies to keep your business top-of-mind and in the social media feeds of your market.
  • Multi-Chanel Ads – We blow up your presence by showing your ads to your audience on Google and Facebook or Instagram. You stand-out everywhere your audience visits.

Why Turn to Us for Your Social Media Needs

Our values-first, performance-focused approach is what gives us an edge over other social media management agencies. We work with businesses that benefit humanity — specifically business owners who want to improve the lives of people in various areas, such as financial well-being, education, and health. If our values match your business, we will take you on as our client and plan a custom social media marketing plan for you.

When you work with our marketing agency, we focus on delivering the results you want for your business. We want you to succeed, as the success of your business translates to ours.

If needed, we can serve as your social media consultant. We will provide coaching and consulting services to help you get as much as you can from your marketing efforts.

How Social Media Can Benefit Your Business

Here are great reasons to invest in social media management and marketing:

Client Testimonials

“I didn’t realise how powerful social media is until I signed up with Congruent Marketing. They know how to set up a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page that attract followers and drives customers to my business.”

Dave L.

“Seeing my Facebook followers increase every month consistently is fantastic. I highly recommend Congruent Marketing for businesses that want to improve their reach.”

Kevin C.

Let’s get started on improving your business’s social media presence. Schedule a free consultation with our agency today by calling +44 208 058 3398 or sending an email to

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