Content is a broad and all-encompassing concept. It’s more than just a compelling, valuable and creative copy describing the products and services on your website. It may also refer to blog posts related to your industry, snippets (think Facebook and Twitter posts), email marketing, infographics and videos content. When your business crafts great content that gets to the heart of your audience, you have the opportunity to drive brand awareness, website traffic and revenue.

Writing a piece of content, however, isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to learn more about your target market, come up with a buyer’s persona and have a knack for creating an engaging copy.

Instead of doing all these things, let Congruent Marketing take care of your online content marketing needs. We offer hassle-free content marketing services that convey the story of your brand, engage customers, build trust and entice visitors to make a purchase.

As a content marketing solutions provider, we have a skilled team of writers who crafts and publishes engaging and search-friendly content tailored to your business.

Our Content Marketing Strategies

A few of the digital marketing strategies we employ to tell your brand’s story and boost your online presence are:

  • Target Audience Deep-Dive – We research your target market, discover the kinds of content that appeal to them and formulate an effective content marketing strategy.
  • On-Page Content – Our writers create quality, SEO-backed on-page copy that attracts customers to your website.
  • Blog Writing – We create and publish blog entries that give prospective customers and visitors the information they need to make a well-informed buying decision.
  • Product Copywriting – Our content marketers write persuasive copy to promote your products and show just how valuable they are to your customers.
  • Content Distribution – We publish your content to a variety of online channels, including social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

How Congruent Marketing is Different from the Rest

Our values-first philosophy is what makes us unique from other content marketing agencies. We work with purpose-driven, “conscious” businesses that want to communicate their brand effectively and make people’s lives better with their products and services. If your business exists to benefit humanity, we’ll take you on as our client.

Another quality that sets us apart from other content marketing companies is our consultative approach to marketing. We customise content marketing campaigns and content strategies based on your available capacity and resources.

What Content Marketing Can Do for Your Business

Here’s what you’ll get when you promote your product, service or brand with content marketing:

Client Testimonials

“I’m honestly impressed with the content they’ve made for my website. Thanks to the content marketers of Congruent Marketing, we’ve doubled our visitors per month from organic search.”

Jason C.

“I asked for quality content to improve my website and increase my traffic — and you delivered. You guys rock!”

Elle W.

Whether you need engaging copy for your website, informative content for your product pages or brief snippets for your social media platforms, we’ll help you communicate your brand more effectively to your customers. Schedule a free consultation today by calling +44 208 058 3398 or emailing

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