The UK’s legal sector is forecast to grow by 5% for the next two year. Law firms have been rising to the top of the marketplace for quite some time now. However, this makes it increasingly difficult for new firms to make a name for themselves.

Because of the rapid growth of competitors in the market, new firms often fall short of marketing strategies to make their firm known. While this may be true for traditional marketing plans, the same can’t be said for Internet marketing. The vastness of the Internet provides businesses with more and more tools for marketing every day.

One such tool is search engine optimisation (SEO). Whether you’re an independent lawyer with a legal website or have your own law firm, SEO can help your business grow. Here at Congruent Marketing, we employ some of the most credible SEO experts to help businesses reach their full potential.

We use several marketing strategies for firms to establish their name in the legal industry. SEO for lawyers is targeted at building your firm by creating an extraordinary online persona. From your website presentation to blog post recommendations, you can rest assured that our professionals take everything into account.

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How will our SEO help my law firm?

SEO experts at Congruent Marketing will remain on top of market trends for lawyers and ensure that you get the very best. Our primary concern is to improve your online presence. We take a look at your website and perform a complete analysis of how your website is doing and how much work it needs.

Based on our analysis, our next step will be to create a well-fit law firm SEO campaign. The campaign will be aimed at the outlook of your website, gaining more visitors by optimising it for search engine results, and producing quality backlinks.

With the expertise of our SEO professionals, we will make sure that everything on your online presence is impressive enough to show up on Google and other search engines. This will help create a space for your law firm in the industry. Not only will this process attain more customers, but it will also build your image as a reputable law firm.

Improving your digital presence.

Our analysis largely depends on the content on your website. People often search for legal services with the help of keywords like “legal advice in London,” or “best law firm in London,” etc. When Google and other search engines scan your website for credibility, they check whether these keywords are part of your content.

This helps them give their searchers exactly what they are looking for without the need to look through thousands of search results to find the right law firm. Google shows the very best law firms on the first page, specifically in the top three. It’s important to rank high with keyword optimisation for websites to make their way to the big three.

Furthermore, our SEO for lawyers campaign also focuses on digital marketing and blog posts. We ensure that your backlinks are being produced by guest posts on significant and authoritative websites. If your law firm is recommended by top players in the game, it adds a certain layer of reliability that surpasses any other marketing tool.

We also make sure that your website is user-friendly. If your website is difficult to navigate or has any coding problems, visitors won’t be able to gain all the information they need. Our goal is to guarantee users a pleasant visit to your website. This increases the probability of obtaining clients through your website.

How SEO Benefits Your Business

With our Legal Firm SEO, we will help your business:

Client Testimonials

“I never imagined my local business appearing on page one of Google’s search results. The guys at Congruent Marketing really know their stuff on local SEO”

David N.

“When Congruent Marketing did our local SEO, they did what needed to be done and delivered the results I wanted to see. Today, I have more local customers visiting my restaurant. You guys are amazing!”

Robin A.

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